Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Is Why I Am A Lutheran!

(at least being catechized, and will be one soon)

Well, on to one of the reasons why me and my family are becoming confessional Lutherans...

Read this wonderful entry at Barely Keeping Up!

All I can say is:  Amen and amen.


  1. awww thanks again for the link, I *love* Worldview Everlasting, they crack me up and make me think.

    Also, we are finished with our classes and got to take communion last week, wahoo! They are officially voting us "in" on Sunday. I am claiming Lutheran at this point, whether they want me or not ;)

  2. Gosh... it is taking us awhile to go through the catechism with our pastor... we are meeting him one on one, so to speak (instead of a class with other families/ individuals)

    we tend to go on tangents more than the catechism itself, but we will be official members soon enough, I guess.... It has been a real joy to go through the catechism with the pastor...

    I am pretty much claiming Lutheran status already, too...