Friday, October 1, 2010

Imagine a Church...

"Imagine a church that is both evangelical - proclaiming the free forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ - and sacramental, centering its spiritual life in the regenerating waters of baptism and the real presence of Christ in Holy Communion.

Imagine further a church that is strongly grounded on Scripture, but yet avoids the solipsism of individual interpretation in favor of a comprehensive, intellectually rigorous and imminently orthodox theological system.

Imagine a worship service that features both strong preaching and the historic liturgy. Imagine that this is a historical church with a rich spiritual tradition, but without legalism.

Imagine, in short, a church that has some of the best parts of Protestantism and the best parts of Catholicism. Finally, imagine that this church body is not some little made-up sect, but one of the largest bodies of Christians in the world.

Such a church might seem like what many Christians, disaffected by both the vacuity of liberal theology and the shallowness of American evangelicalism, are dreaming of. Such a church exists. It goes by the admittedly inadequate name 'Lutheran'."

As quoted by Dr. Gene Edward Veith


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes and Amen! I am currently in the process of joining the Lutheran church (my husband and his family have been Lutheran for several generations)- it is everything that you said. I am really enjoying your blog, and "share" it on my blog (which not that many people read) all the time. Thank you for being willing to share your thoughts. Amie Lober

  2. My family and I are doing the same. Only in recent months have we 'stumbled upon' confessional Lutheranism. We LOVE it! Tremendous freedom in knowing Jesus' work on the cross is sufficient! Thanks for commenting! You are my first official commenter! I am hoping others are finding this blog edifying!


  3. Comments are fun :) I don't even know how I found your blog? Where did you get the quote, btw? There is this whole weird little Lutheran world, I am enjoying exploring it. What synod are you joining?

  4. I found it somewhere on the Wittenberg Trail website... One of their forums, but cannot remember exactly where... We will be joining the LCMS. What about your family?

  5. Thanks, that looks like a great resource.

    WELS - but that is okay :)