Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broken by the Church? Here's some good news.

Have you been broken by the church? I want to pass along some good news you might want to hear. Go HERE to listen to this lecture. Trust me on this. You will be glad you did. It will take 50 minutes of your life. These minutes WILL NOT be a waste. I promise. It is a lecture given by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt entitled 'The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.' He gives a very clear and concise message detailing what I believe most of us have endured in regards to the Church.

Many of us have been broken by the church. Meaning this: Most churches have pulled the bait and switch. Lured us in with the gospel. In other words, Christ died for us, a sinner, and nothing can separate from His love. However, you spend any more time at that church, you will begin to hear another message. This message has broken me, and I am sure, many others. This message says that 'we haven't prayed enough, or we haven't read the bible enough, if you only do this-or-that, you can earn God's favor.' Sometimes it has been straightforward, other times it has been subtle. But you have been crushed and broken, nonetheless.

All of that to say is that I believe this something that will be helpful to an awful lot of people. Near the bottom of the page to this link, their is a MP3 and PDF download. I cannot encourage you enough to take time to listen to this lecture.

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